“WILD BEAST” by Anastasia Konstantakou


onFRIDAY, 5 NOVEMBER 2020 (18.30- 22.30)

in the ETCH INK art space,

the solo printmaking exhibition:




The ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER- PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P. welcomes you to the printmaking exhibition by Anastasia Konstantakou: “Wild Beast”

The well-known artist and set designer creates paradoxical images, combining images of buildings under construction, with the presence of wild animals in them. Factories and industrial landscapes become the inhospitable backdrop that frames the animal figures, creating a sense of confinement and alienation. The human presence, although not depicted in Konstantakou’s work, is suggested through its intervention and its imprints that grow in the natural environment, earning the title of the Wild Beast through its greed and bulldozing.

As the artist says: “In the depiction of this unattainable condition, the existence of animals in the inhospitable environment of constant expansion and ‘development’, the melancholy of their common dystopian future with the foolish and arrogant human species, is captured. The human species wants to prove that the planet belongs to them, while their destiny is shared with that of the creatures they either displace or turn their environment into a ring of isolation and despair. These landscapes are a portrait of an arid life, and a prompt for reflection and a search for redemption. Otherwise, in a world ‘endless’, perpetually under construction, without vision or purpose, a world that eats from its flesh to grow, atrocity will appear to be an exclusively human trait.”

High-quality linocuts, of large and small dimensions, are printed on white paper by Anastasia Konstantakou, in black and white and in colour shades, invented in such a way as to give a special dramatic effect to her subject matter.

Anastasia Konstantakou is a visual artist and set designer. She lives and operates in Athens. She completed her studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts, studying at the Painting department of Yannis Moralis and the Scenography, Decoration and Advertising department of V. Vassiliadis. Her involvement with printmaking began in 2009 when she contacted the artists Dimitra Siaterli and Pino Pandolfini of the “Athens Printmaking Center”. Her involvement with printmaking art began in 2009 when she contacted the artists Dimitra Siaterli and Pino Pandolfini of the Athens Printmaking Centre. She has held two solo exhibitions and has participated in twenty-eight group exhibitions in Greece, Japan, Italy, Spain, Spain, China, Romania and Turkey.

Her artworks are part of private collections as well as in public spaces. She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts (E.E.T.E.) and the Greek Printmakers’ Association.

ETCH INK art space:

16, Argyroupoleos str. – Armatolòn & Klefton 20, Lycabettus, Athens

Opening: Friday, 5 November 2020 (18.30 – 22.30)

Duration: from Friday 5 November to Saturday December 4

Visiting days and hours: every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 17.00- 21.00 and every Saturday 11.00- 15.00

Access: by metro / stop AMPELOKIPI, and all buses passing through Alexandra boulevard, stop IKA

Contact info:www.athens-printmaking.com, info@athens-printmaking.com

cell. +30 6938786293