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The Greek Printmaker’s Association welcomes three new members and presents an exhibition of their work entitled ‘Coincidences’, in the ΕκΤΟΣArt space. The printmakers Stella Vardaki, Lia Blioumi and Marina Bobou, present characteristic works from their body of artwork, each one making their own particular mark.

On Saturday 18/11/2023 from 12.00 - 14.00, the Greek Printmaker’s Association had the honor and pleasure to welcome the professor of printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Art, Dina Kotsiou, who presented her lecture ‘The History of Lithography’ to the public at the ΕΚΤόΣ art space.…

Workshop 2: ‘Woodcut for adults’ / Panos Pristouris

Continuing with the educational programmes, PLAYTIME, TIME FOR PRINTMAKING’ and in conjunction with the exhibition ‘IMPRINTS OF TRUST’, the workshop for adults was held on Saturday 22/10 from 12.00 - 14.00. With careful preparation, encouragement and inspiration from the engravings on display in the exhibition, the workshop…

Vaso Katraki (1914 - 1988) - Artwork "Girl with a child" - Donation to Greek Printmakers Association

The Greek Printmaker’s Association would like to warmly thank Mrs Ioanna Despotidi (Marianna Katraki), for her donation of the artwork entitled ‘Girl with child’, by her mother Vaso Katraki, who was a founding member of the Association.
Vaso Katraki was an eminent printmaker with a…

"dans les jardins obscurs"an exhibition by Vanessa Touzloukof

Greek Printmakers Association presents, in its exhibition space "ΕΚΤόΣ", an exhibition by Vanessa Touzloukof : "dans les jardins obscurs"

The artist, in this exhibition, approaches the archetypal garden with its contrasts. As an explorer, she dives into the unconscious seeking reconciliation with solitary exploration, encountering unfamiliar…

Hanga Forum exhibition at Washi no Sato.

Contemporary Greek Printmaking in Japan.

The important , contemporary Greek printmaking exhibition opened up it's gates in Japan. 41 prints by 26 artists, members of the Association, present a sample of contemporary Greek printmaking of the…