“Thira of the Aegean” – Valentini Mavrodoglou

Oia Vineyart launches on Wednesday 9 of August  2023 (17:00-00.00)

the solo exhibition of Valentini Mavrodoglou “Thira of the Aegean” .

Printmaker & painter Valentini Mavrodoglou presents her new visual

work in her ninth solo exhibition entitled “Thira of the Aegean” at Oia Vineyart.

Valentini Mavrodglou was inspired by her experiences on the island of the Cyclades and has dedicated the artworks of this exhibition to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of Thera (Santorini) island. From the dry land to the flowing wine, the exceptionally distinctive geological and architectural landscape, the artist perceives and showcases their beauty through a series of linocuts on traditional Chinese paper, drawing from her Santorini experience that everyone gazes upon but only a few truly see.

Her series of works focus on the tranquil hours of Santorini, those unique moments when the island takes on a different dimension, a new face. Through the eyes of the artist, we see the island wake up early in the morning, savor its tranquility and simplicity, and reflect its stunning landscape. It is this quest for simplicity that creates a unique spirit on the island, enduring even with numerous visitors each year who, though coming to enjoy it, end up creating the “noise” that makes it challenging to perceive its true essence.

The elements of the unique island remain recognizable in her works, despite the diversity they present at first glance. The artist’s geometric abstraction, coupled with her expressive simplicity, conveys the atmosphere of the landscape and the archetypes defining the island. Unnecessary and complex details are stripped away, making the artwork more straightforward and pure. The unique color in each piece adds the emotion of the moment.

Valentini Mavrodglou’s art exhibition is a unique opportunity to journey through art to the breathtaking Santorini and experience its magic in the way the artist herself does. Through her works, Mavrodglou reminds us that art can be our path to explore the world around us and experience the unique spirit of each place. By doing so, we can bring a piece of the magic of this unique corner of the Aegean, which Santorini represents, into our own environment.

Paris Kapralos

Art Curator


*Thira (as pronounced by the Greeks, or “Thera” as its found sometimes in English bibliography) was the ancient name of Santorini, referring to the ancient city founded by the Phoenicians and was the first name of the island. The name Santorini comes from the passing Franks/Crusaders, who stopped for replenishment near the church of Agia Irini, located in the present area of Perissa, behind the sacred temple of the Holy Cross (they called it Santa Irina), which existed on the island.

Oya Vineyart

Address: Argonauton Street, Oia, Santorini

Exhibition duration:  9 / 8 -26 / 8 / 2023

Opening hours:

Monday-Sunday, 17:00-00:00 ( Closed : 15 / 08 )

Social media

Instagram : vale agapi

Facebook : Valentini Mavrodoglou

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