Mavrodoglou Valentini

Valentini Mavrodoglou born in Athens in 1989. In 2007 she began her studies on the fashion design industry Pan-Sic. Then she continued her training in graphic arts at IEK Praxis, and finally at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia in Florina where she was attending professors Dimitra Siaterli in engraving and John Kastritsi in painting. She has participated in many group exhibitions (QUAR-T, ART IS HARD 10, Technostoicheia, New Greek Engraving, 7th Biennale Faculties students Arts et.) She has also three solo exhibitions , two of them at Gallery Myro in Thessaloniki and one at Oiavineyart in Santorini. Her works have strongly psychographic nature is anthropocentric focus and fictitious realities that are initiated from internal searches in the line of memories and emotions to reach a souvenir fairy raw spacetime.