Provata Elena

Born in Corfu 15/08/1988. Entered the department of Visual and Applied arts of the University of Western Macedonia in 2007 and graduated in 2012 with teachers in the painting John Kastritsi and in the engraving art Dimitra Siaterli.
She has participated in group exhibitions and competitions, actions as member of the team EN-FLO, cooperation with the art workshop of interactive clay activities “HE HE” in Tessaloniki, Greece.
Inticative: participate in 2011 Participation in the 6th BIENNALE of Students of the Fine Art Scools of Greece. In the building of the Educational Foundation of the National Bank of Greece, Athens, Greece.
In 2013 1st Biennale of Greek Students of Engraving 2013 Ex libris “Odyssey and Iliad”. Cultural Foundation “Panagiotis Giannakos’” - Xotaris Art Forum, Arhanes, Crete, Greece. Received an honorary award.
In 2014 participate in the artistic creation: municipality of Novaci- FYROM and municipality of Almopia under the Act Lhi-Lna, living history- living nature of project ‘’Greece- The former Yugoslav Repoublic of Macedonia’’