Tsoumani Αggelina

Aggelina Ioannis Tsoumani was born in 1994 in Thessaloniki. She is a graduate of the University of Western Macedonia in the field of Fine Arts. She has specialized in printmaking and photography. Her professors were Dimitra Siaterli, Yannis Kastritsis and Sofia Papadopoulou. She has also graduated from the vocational training institute ‘’Xini’’ in 2012 specializing in artistic tattoo. In 2018 she was awarded with the second award (Semi Grand-Prix) in the Tokyo international Mini-Print Triennial which is held by the University of Art in Tama. At the same time, she participated in the Engravist 2018, an engraving exhibition in Istanbul. Her printmaking artwork has also published in the print magazine ‘’The Hand’’ based in Kansas, USA in 2018. She also participated in the exhibition ‘’Engravist 2018’’ in Istanbul. Photographic artwork has been selected at the 5th World Biennial of Student Photography in Serbia 2015, while in 2018 was defined as a second choice in the exhibition ArtClash of Florence. She has also participated in the printmaking exhibition ‘’Young Greek Printmakers 2018-2019’’ in the house of Cyprus, in Athens, with two printmaking works. She has taken part in various team like printmaking and others exhibitions like 3rd Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition (AIMPE) Japan, Print Festival in Athens, gallery ‘’ALMA’’ (Athens), TAF Theartfoundation (Athens), Telloglio Arts Institute (Thessaloniki), Vlassis Art Gallery (Thessaloniki), ChaniArt (Chania), in gallery Papatzikou (Veria) Winetopia project (Chalkidiki), etc. In the first year as a fine art student she took part in a Greek team called ‘’En Flo’’ which participated in team exhibitions and acts like Art-Athina, Rem-brand Name project etc. She also participated in the educational program ‘’Florina at the Museum of Discovering life in an ancient town’’ in photographic part in 2016 and with digital artwork of the summer workshop in Aiani with the theme ‘’Live Organisms’’ in 2017. Last but not least, her artworks are including in various private collections.