image001The Greek Printmakers' Association is a non-profit art organization active in the field of fine art printmaking. Its members are practicing artists, who represent all major art movements of contemporary Greek printmaking.

The Association was founded in 1987 by a group of printmakers, who wanted not only to face the challenges of printmaking together, but also to make the art form better known to the greater public. Since then, the Association has organized and run a great number of events, including publication of collectors' books, hosting lectures and running pedagogical programmes, all aiming to raise the public's interest in original printed artworks and their aesthetic value.

In this website you may find images of fine art prints produced by the members of the Association, as well as catalogues, a list of publications, information on printmaking techniques and information about the Association and its activities in both Greece and abroad. You may also strive to get in touch with the artists to find out more about the traditional and contemporary movements in fine art printmaking. This will also enable you to make informed decisions when purchasing fine art prints and ensure the pieces' authenticity.


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