“Safe & sound”

“Safe & sound” by Rania Fragkoulidou

The work of art, bearing the features of a riddle -as a non-propositional language, triggers a series of speculative questions on what makes it visible. Artistic practice is the result of creator’s commitment to the Self, as a unique and special entity within the social spectrum.

Despite the ascetic immunity that the studio offers, it is yet impossible for the artist to be distanced from the world’s external sensory stimuli, while any “withdrawal” would be almost treacherous for the universal character of art. In the work of art, the sense of the world and the dynamics of stochastic energy, translate into images with symbols and personal codes that maintain a lead of objective silence, concurrently offering freedom and extensive range to its interpretation.

The series of works “safe & sound” is a playful questionnaire about experiencing reality and socializing; private and public life, the divine, ethnic identity and patriotism are encoded in aesthetics terms as a field of voluntary restrictions, social convergences, contradictions or conflicts. Visually shaping selected fragments of the world, is the main concern, together with the attempt to correlate the artistic practice with the social.

Rania Fragkoulidou was born in Katerini. She is Special Teaching Staff at the School of Fine and Applied Arts of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she has obtained her Painting and Engraving Master integrated diplomas.

She has exhibited her work in Greece and abroad.

She has earned awards in Greece, Portugal, Serbia-Herzegovina, Japan and Romania for her artworks.

Ektos | Art Space

I. Drossopoulou 17A, 11257, Kypseli, Athens
Opening Hours: Wednesday and Friday 18:00 – 21:00, Saturday: 12:00 – 15:00
Exhibition duration: Wednesday 10/11 – Saturday 11/12
Exhibition starts: Wednesday 10/11 18:00 – 21:00

In the context of dealing with the spread of the coronavirus covid-19, the art space “Ektos” has taken all appropriate prevention and protection measures in order to safeguard puplic health and limit the spread of the virus.

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