Contemporary Greek Printmaking in Romania

Greek Printmakers Association ,in collaboration with Moldova National Museum Complex of Iași (Complexul Muzeal Naţional Moldova Iaşi) is curating a Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition in Rοmania .

The event will take place in the impressive space of Palatul Iașis’ Art Gallery in Rοmania from 5 to 31st of January 2021, with the participation of 37 members of Greek Printmakers Association and 13 Greek Printmakers who responded successfully to our Open Call and it is part of the Association’s exhibition program made in collaboration with cultural institutions abroad,with the intention to enrich the public’s perception of contemporary Greek printmaking.

Artists from different backgrounds and ages ,participate with prints of their personal work ,showing different techniques and approaches of the medium of printmaking .This exhibition as a whole is a record of Contemporary Greek Printmaking of recent years.

Travel restrictions due to Covid -19 do not allow us to attend this exhibition ,however very soon after its launch there will be videos and photos of the exhibition posted on our website

The exhibition will feature work by:

Christos Angelopoulos, Michalis Adamis, Odysseas Annitsakis, Zacharias Arvanitis, Judy Attwood, Antigone Valery, Argyri Vasilakou, Andrew Ventouris, Matina Georga, Vasiliki Gialama, Tania Gioura, Eleni Dervisoglou, Korina Kamalakidou, Christoforos Katsadiotis, Maria Kompatsiari, Rania Koromila, Dimitra Koumantaki, Anastasia Konstantakou, Dina Kotsiou, Paraskevi Magkavetsos, Valentini Maurodoglou, Vanta Mauroeidi, Efstratia Machairidi, Lena Mitsolidou, Anastasia Mikrou, Katerina Moniaki, Ioannis Monogyios, Alexandra Bizou, Dimosthenis Bogiatzis, Sofy Papadopoulou, Maria Papadopoulou, Mimi Petropoulou, Panagiotis Pristouris,  Elena Provata, Marina Provatidou, Stavroula Sakka, Nikos Stavrakantonakis, Mary Schina, Vanessa Touzloukof, Venetia Yfantidou, Mihael Falkonis, Theodoros Fragkos, Rania Fragkoulidou, Florence Christakis. 

Palatul Culturii Iaşi


Piata Stefan cel Mare si Sfant nr. 1, Iasi                                            

Duration: 5 – 31 January 2021                                                                              

Times: Tuesday – Saturday 10:00-17:00               

BOGIATZIS Demosthenes Cave
etching linocut collagraph&collage 39x36cm 2020
BIZOU Alexandra Kotta linocut 63x50cm 2019
FRAGKOS Theodoros Αéras2 woodcut 52x40cm 2020
GKIOURA Tania Thoughts of non construction collagraph&linocut 42x47cm 2020
KONSTANTAKOU Anastasia Fauna linocut 74.7×54.7cm 2020
MACHAIRIDI Efstratia Self portrait linocut 22.5×30.5cm 2020
PROVATA Elena Hunter II linocut monoprint 70x50cm 2020
ANGUELOPOULOS Christos SkardamyssonII linocut 46x64cm 2020
TOUZLOUKOF Vanessa Paved linoleum print &
part of readymade silicone mat on handmade colored paper 39x30cm 2019
MIKROU Anastasia Untitled
linocut 50x70cm 2020
Window to Sifnos color woodcut 50x70cm 2020
SAKKA Stavroula Doublen VII
etching sugar lift & aquatint 80×60cm 2020
SCHINA Mary Lost_Dreams
woodcut printed on giclée print of my Sea photograph 70x50cm 2020
ADAMIS Michail
Reptilians from Andromeda
Silkscreen 50×32,5 cm 2019
χορηγός επικοινωνίας

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