Staurakantonakis Nikos

As an artist I create a world of distortions, bringing up images from my memory and my imagination, then refining them by adding or subtracting colors and lines. I examine the condition of people, animals, places and events from my own or from common experiences. My pictures tend to disorient, even when they depict recognizable images such as landscapes or forms. Woodcut is a technique that provides me with the numerous tools of expression that allow me to speak in the most concise artistic manner, creating a situation that is beyond words and that fills the void between though and speech Facebook Blog Nikos Stavrakantonakis Lives and works in Athens. Education 1999-2006: Printmaking at the School of Fine Arts of Athens 1986 – 92: Painting at the School of Visual and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki . Personal exhibition 2016: Life, Eikastikes Anazitiseis, Athens 2007: City, Technochoros art Gallery, Athens. 2003 Paintings and drawings Galeria Merum v Modra, Modra (Slovakia) Selected group exhibitions 2016: Contemporary Print Art from Athens, Herakleidon Museum, Athens Magical Horizons, Melina Cultural Center, Athens Illusions and Reality, metamatic:taf, Athens 2012: Plan B, 2nd International Athens Print Fest Supernova, The Art Foundation, Athens «Incisione greca alle Terme di Dioclesiano», Μuseo Νazionale Romano Terme di Diocleziano, Rome, Italy. “The printmaking line connects Athens – Florence” School of Specialization in printmaking Il Bisonte, Italy 2011: Contemporary Greek Printmakers, Lessedra Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria Contemporary Printmaking Tem Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2010: Greek Printmaking, “Il Bisonte” Printmaking school, Florence, Greek Printmaking, Μuseo Νazionale Romano Terme di Diocleziano, Rome «Us & Them», Tem Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2009: Difficult Nights, 1st International Athens Print Fest, 2008: Greek Printmaking Today, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki 7th International Print exhibition, Lessedra Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria «Us & Them», Tem Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2007: Greek Printmaking Today, Averoff Gallery, Metsovo, “Greek Art 07”, Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada 2006: Urban Landscapes, Municipal Gallery, Athens 2005: Monoprints, Skironeio Centre, Kiphissia & Eirmos gallery, Thessaloniki 2004: Contemporary Greek Engraving (touring), Foundation for Thracian Art and Tradition, Xanthi – Municipal Gallery, Corfu – Vafopouleio Cultural Centre, Thessaloniki 2003: Oikade, Contemporary Art Centre, Rethymno Galeria Merum v Modra, Modra (Slovakia) 2002: Group exhibition Mojmírovce (Slovakia) 2000 – 2002: PRINTEXPO (touring), Bologna – Berlin – Madrid – Barcelona – Bilbao – Birmingham – Bristol – Caen – Brussels – Cuenca – Porto – Strasburg – Athens 1989: Exhibition of drawing, Hirsch Palace, Swentzingen, Germany. Activities 2016 Chairman of the 3rd International Athens Print Fest 2012 Chairman of the 2nd International Athens print Fest 2009 Chairman of the 1st International Athens Print Fest 2008-2016 President of the Greek Printmakers’ Association 2003-2009: Curator at “Technohoros Art Gallery” Athens Links: