Vaso Katraki (1914 – 1988) – Artwork “Girl with a child” – Donation to Greek Printmakers Association

The Greek Printmaker’s Association would like to warmly thank Mrs Ioanna Despotidi (Marianna Katraki), for her donation of the artwork entitled ‘Girl with child’, by her mother Vaso Katraki, who was a founding member of the Association.
Vaso Katraki was an eminent printmaker with a rich body of artwork, which became widely known abroad through her participation in important exhibitions and her award at the Venice Biennale in 1966. With the originality and particular style of her work, she contributed to the formation and upgrading of Greek printmaking. Apart from her contribution to Greek printmaking, she was distinguished for her involvement in political and social issues. The Greek Printmaker’s Association were happy and grateful to accept this generous gift which now has a place of honour in their space.
On behalf of the board of the Greek Printmaker’s Association,
Dimitra Koumantaki,
President of EEX

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