Diving into Print

The ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTRE – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P. Invites you at its art space ETCH INK, on Wednesday, 10th of July 2019 at the group show: “DIVING INTO INK”

The visual artists: JAMIE PRICE from the U.S.A., PAULINE KINHAHAN KANE from Ireland, KAR MERN TAN from Malaysia, Dr SUSHMA YADAV from India and JUDY ATTWOOD from the UK, who lives and works in Greece the last decade are participating at the first international printmaking residency program of the ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTRE – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI CNPP under the name: «ΕΤCΗ ΙΝΚ – Summer 2019 International Printmaking Workshop and Group Show entitled “Diving into Print”.

Opening: Wednesday, 10 July 2019, 20.00 – 23.00

Operating days & hours: Monday to Friday 18.00 – 21.00, Saturdays 11.00 – 15.00.

Exhibition duration: 10 – 20 of July 2019

Art space ETCH INK, address: 16 Argyroupoleos str and 20 Armatolon & Klefton, Lycabettus


Getting at ETCH INK art space by Metro/ 5′ walk from the metro station AMBELOKIPOI and by all buses that pass through Leoforos Alexandras str, 5′ walk from the bus station IKA.

Contact person: +30 6938786293 (Dimitra Siaterli)

www.athens-printmaking.com, info@athens-printmaking.com

The first international residency of the ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTRE – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P which hosts artists from around the world at a tenday intense printmaking workshop is on air. The selected participating artists, always at a limited number, cooperate with the team of visual artists from the Athens Printmaking Art Centre: Valentini Mavrodoglou, Pino Pandolfini, Dimitra Siaterli, and Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos, aiming to dive into the printmaking language and techniques, the developement of artistic oeuvre and its promotion and to communicate custom made jeans and interact among each other and with other Greek artists exchanging ideas and practices.

However, afterwards, they suggest their drawings and experimentations as printmaking artworks at the Athenian art scene which they have created and printed these ten days at the Athens Printmaking Art Centre.

It is about an interesting challenge which involves the selected artists and the organizers, for coordination, comradeship, communication and exchange on the occasion of the World Day of Populations (11th of July) and the World Days of Festival (4th of July) and Cooperatives (3rd of July).

The ATHENS PRITMAKING ART CENTRE – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI CNPP, with its partners, continues the dynamic organization of independent promotion and exhibition of printmaking artworks as well as its support to independent artists at its experimental art space in Athens that has been created since 2018 and which holds the brand name ETCH INK art space. We are expecting you there!